Smarter Villages

Empowering communities to build sustainable clean water solutions

Our Mission

WellDone International is a non-profit organization working to improve global access to clean water and other basic services essential to human health, productivity, and well-being. Our work combines research, technology, and design to catalyze development solutions that are transformative, open, community-driven, and sustainable.


Our Work

Clean Water Projects

We deliver clean, safe water to communities in need.

Research & Advocacy

We design innovative platforms and campaigns.






The WellDone Team

Addison Nuding

Executive Director


Jim Yoon


Austin McGee

Board Member


Ardy Ghanbhar

Board Member


Joshua To

Board Member

Partners and Supporters

Get Involved!

WellDone International is a 501(c)(3) non-profit

Generous individuals with an interest in using technology for impact make our work possible. We invite engineers, designers, and anyone interested in water and development to contact us and get involved in our work.