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Our Mission

WellDone builds technology tools that empower resource-constrained communities with the data they need to provide critical infrastructure that lasts.

Aid should support infrastructure in developing countries, but not forever. Development assistance should focus on ensuring that local communities become independent of this assistance. When donors fund infrastructure, it is a project with a discrete budget, a beginning, and an end. When a local community takes ownership of its infrastructure, it can become a public good with an ongoing budget, committed maintenance, and a lasting value to the community -- if the local community has the tools to make it so.

The Problem

Critical infrastructure creates enormous opportunities for growth, health, and freedom. What happens when that infrastructure breaks?

Infrastructure is core to communities' independence and economic opportunity. Unreliable infrastructure harms public health, productivity, and long-term growth prospects in developing countries. 1 in 3 handpumps in Africa is broken at any given time, and communities with broken water infrastructure might revert to unsafe water sources. African manufacturing businesses experience power outages an average of 56 days per year, forcing delays and work stoppages. Communities that do not expect clean water, safe latrines, and functional electricity cannot attract the new businesses and commercial investment that drive growth and development. They cannot raise the local revenue to improve that infrastructure and provide additional opportunity for their citizens to prosper.

Our Approach

WellDone's technology is focused on helping communities make their infrastructure more reliable and robust.

MoMo (mobile monitor) is a mobile device with a sensor that collects data to track infrastructure and improve accountability in the developing world. WellDone’s water MoMo identifies where pumps are broken and alerts repair teams to fix them. Data from MoMos can also help communities monitor the effects of infrastructure projects and inform future investments.

For a full overview of MoMo, visit momo.welldone.org

The WellDone water MoMo attaches easily to handpumps, measuring whether they are functional, how many people are using them, and how much water is flowing from hour to hour. WellDone's Smarter Villages software aggregates data from remote MoMos. It alerts local repair teams by SMS when a well in their area breaks down, and it illustrates trends in water use to identify which communities might need more water infrastructure.

MoMos are designed to help resource-constrained communities become more independent. Automatic alerts to problems with water infrastructure allows fewer water maintenance personnel to care for more waterpoints than a system with manual check-ins.

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Our Work

Remote Monitoring

Check out MoMo, our remote monitoring product.

Management Software

Our Strato management portal enables powerful device management and data analytics.

Custom Development

We develop customized monitoring hardware and software solutions for customers in a wide range of industries.

The WellDone Team

Addison Nuding

Managing Director

Jim Yoon

Executive Director

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WellDone International is a 501(c)(3) non-profit

Generous individuals with an interest in using technology for impact make our work possible. We invite engineers, designers, and anyone interested in water and development to contact us and get involved in our work.