4 February, 2014

World Bank Provides Matching Funds for Piloting Mobile Sensors to Improve Water Delivery in Tanzania

San Francisco, CA -

WellDone International is excited to announce the support of the World Bank in crowdfunding for MoMo, WellDone’s flagship technology that monitors critical infrastructure in the developing world.

Through its Innovation Fund, the World Bank has agreed to match the support that MoMo receives for its IndieGoGo campaign ( up to $50,000. MoMo is a mobile technology that measures the performance of rural water pumps and other infrastructure in a way that helps local communities identify and respond to problems as they arise. Recent reports have revealed that as many as half of rural water pumps in Africa are non-functional at any given time. Technologies like MoMo could prove instrumental in making infrastructure last longer and serve communities better.

The World Bank’s support is made possible by the World Bank Institute’s Innovation Fund, a program that encourages its staff to test innovative ideas to advance development outcomes.

“This is an exciting opportunity to explore alternative mechanisms of financing projects, as well as to test the viability of mobile sensor technologies to address development challenges,” said Chris Vein, Chief Innovation Officer for Global ICT Development at the World Bank. “Just as importantly, we see crowdfunding as a way to convene a community of interested innovators around achieving these goals together - an inclusive approach that aligns with the World Bank’s intent to democratize development. This is the type of innovation that will be needed if we want to end poverty by 2030.”

WellDone’s IndieGoGo project will support a large pilot of MoMos to measure the performance of rural waterpoints in Tanzania. After multiple demonstrations of the alpha MoMo in 2013, this campaign will allow MoMo to be proven at a larger scale in the field.

MoMo works like a heart monitor for infrastructure. Sensors measure how well the infrastructure is functioning, and MoMo sends the data over the mobile network to alert those who need to know what is working and what has broken. Current MoMos are focused on measuring water and power, but the possibilities are endless.

WellDone is organized as an open-source project that relies on the passion and creativity of generous engineers and supporters. The team is growing as it takes on new projects and looks to tackle new types of infrastructure, so check out MoMo on IndieGoGo and get involved.


Ben Armstrong
WellDone International
[email protected]

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